Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More pool videos and a personal exposure

When I'm embedding videos instead of writing posts and opening discussions, it usually means that I have no time to write. But not this time. This time, I thought I'd combine the reason we gather here every week (our mutual love to online pool and pool in general) with another one of my hobbies.
You may imagine me as a tough and ruthless pool shark. Which is true, but I have a soft side too. I can wipe you on the (virtual) billiard table and then visit one of my favorite lol cats websites.
This video combines two of my great loves since it shows a (cute!) cat that plays 9ball I think on a home billiard table. And, yes, I know, you are all sick and tired of watching cute cats do cute things. But this is really funny, trust me!

More pool videos (mainly 9 ball)

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