Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Play89 Pool Blog

In this post I want to recommend on a new pool and billiards blog I ran into, called Play89 Pool Blog. First I thought it's Play89 pool site official blog, but it isn't. It's a personal blog of someone whose entire life surrounding around online pool games, billiards news, and so on... So familiar so it almost hurts...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Play Pool?

If you already play pool, you don't need to look for reasons to play pool. But if you're not addicted to pool yet, this might convince you:

Pool is a fun and exciting game with a long and rich history. Pool rules are quite easy to grasp and once you get the basics of pool your achievements improve significantly.

Moreover, as opposed to other sports game, you can play pool at any age and with (almost) every physical disability. Especially if you play pool online...

So, why do you play pool?

More Reasons to Play Pool

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All about billiards....

If you are fans of useless trivial information, like myself, you will enjoy reading this: an article about billiards' unknown facts.
Actually, some of this "unknown facts" did ring some bells, but maybe I'm not such as a good example...
Other facts, like the story about the first billiards female champion, I won't spoil you the surprise, but it is quite an amazing story.
The bottom line, if you are interested in billiards, history, or of you like to fill your head with trivial data and then pour it out in some boring dinner, you should read this.

Billiards (more or less) unknown facts

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More pool videos and a personal exposure

When I'm embedding videos instead of writing posts and opening discussions, it usually means that I have no time to write. But not this time. This time, I thought I'd combine the reason we gather here every week (our mutual love to online pool and pool in general) with another one of my hobbies.
You may imagine me as a tough and ruthless pool shark. Which is true, but I have a soft side too. I can wipe you on the (virtual) billiard table and then visit one of my favorite lol cats websites.
This video combines two of my great loves since it shows a (cute!) cat that plays 9ball I think on a home billiard table. And, yes, I know, you are all sick and tired of watching cute cats do cute things. But this is really funny, trust me!

More pool videos (mainly 9 ball)