Sunday, April 6, 2008

Billiard and Muscles, Billiard vs. Golf

And more on the subject of billiard and muscles, this time I'll start with a quote of Richard Carrier, the sports columnist of Powhatan Today:

"…golfers actually have physical skill levels equal to that of billiard players. They both have the ability to make a ball curve, the ability to read the speed of the green/felt and good hand-eye coordination. The only difference is that, with the golfer, success is in the tools he uses and, more often than not, he who has the more expensive tools/toys wins. And billiard players cut down an insignificant number of trees."

And once again, billiard players get the upper hand; playing billiard requires you neither to build an iron body nor to spend tons of money on expensive equipment!

(Only Kidding; it is known that the billiard pros must have a Spartan training routine, which often requires a home pool table and that my friends isn't cheap at all! But seriously, the guy had a smart point, I couldn't say it any better.)

And speaking of golf and billiard, here's another analogy between the two types of sports:

"…snooker (and golf) are the easiest sports to fix. Both are individual sports often gambled upon and in both of them missing a shot does not have to look that obvious. But unlike golf players who’ve been practicing their sports on green grass among white collars, the natural habitats of snooker players are smoky billiards parlor swarming with dubious characters."

(from Play89 blog who comments to L A Odicean weblog)

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chris said...

Why not combine the two sports like the "Billiard & Golf" game does?

I'm not good at golf, but I stand a chance with that game!