Monday, February 18, 2008

How to avoid common pool injuries

Speaking of pains, strains and wrist aches, what about you pool players? Do you feel any physical inconvenience following hours of pool shooting? As the online pool shark that I am, I must admit that my right palm tends to hurt sometimes from cueing with the mouse, but what does a real pool cue can do to your body?

In fact, professional pool players suffer from the same syndrome as grey mouse people. Repetitive Strain Injuries also known as RSI or more specifically Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon following chronic overuse of a specific body area. This type of injury is common to most athletes and may appear at several body parts mainly the lower and upper limbs.

So, now what? How can you avoid the inevitable future of unbearable pain? If you play pool, as in real-life pool, they say by using proper pool technique and some special pool accessories can help. If you play online pool, as in playing wii, maybe you should take longer breaks between one pool session to another. (or at least do not run to type all about it).


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