Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chalk Chalk

One of the things I like about playing online pool is not having to get my hands all filthy with chalk (which by the way, contains nothing but actual chalk). Anyway, not everyone is like me and I know that many of my readers do tend to mess up their hands once in a while.

In a "survey" I bumped into not long ago I learned an interesting fact: while the newbie pool player chalks the cue tip very often, the intermediate player remembers to use that white substance only once in 3-4 shots. And if you thought that the average of chalking decreases with level, think again: apparently, the pros chalk after each and every shot.

I believe the lesson here is pretty obvious - if you want to play like the pros, chalk constantly. However, if you want to maintain you stick properly, do not forget to clean it from the remains of the chalk when you're done shooting them balls.

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