Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things you can do with a Billiard Ball...

A former Chicago policeman is charged for allegedly smashing an insurance office's window using a billiards ball. Even though today's billiard balls are no longer made of wood or ivory (today's billiard balls are composed of plastic composition like phenolic resin, polyester, acrylic etc), they can surely damage a window!

Billiard balls have a long and destructive history. At the beginning, they were made of wood, and the only thing they could damage was themselves. Let's just say that after a few games the balls didn't look much like balls and you could hardly tell the colored balls from the white ball.

Later on, billiard balls were made of ivory. It means that for every set of billiards balls you had to kill about 2-3 elephants. Not that the anyone cared about the elephants lives, the main problem was that the elephants' hunters lives were risked at the process.

Later on, a special composition called cellulose nitrate composed the billiard balls. Though its inventor, John Wesley Hyatt was induced to the Billiards Hall of Fame, the preparation of the billiards balls materials was explosive. Literally.

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